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Kevin prides himself on being more than a “salesperson”. He has attained a 90% or higher achievement in all HRAI courses to fully certify himself in all things HVAC.

This means that when he visits you, you’re not getting “an order taker” or a “contract signer”, you’re getting someone you can trust in the sizing of your equipment and what’s best for your home.

Too often in the HVAC industry, folks are using “rule of thumb” and upselling you to efficiencies that simply don’t make sense for your home or budget.

Sometimes his visits just come with tips and tricks to fix things yourself, a sale isn’t always needed.

References are always available, and if your request baffles the other guys, Kevin is your man!

Kevin’s Certifications:

Residential Heat Loss & Heat Gain Calculations

To determine the required or appropriate appliances after understanding the heat loss and heat gain in building envelope.
The calculation includes examining above and below grade HLHG, air leakage and ventilation and the influence that people,
appliances and window shading have on the system.

Kevin is recognized by municipal building officials and plans examiners for having the technical competency needed to perform residential load calculations and select the appropriate HVAC appliances. Make sure your HVAC Consultant has this certification, rule of thumb sizing is not reliable.

Residential Air System Design

This certification involved training in a series of theoretical and practical exercises to understand the proper methods of residential air distribution systems designs. This includes layouts and design of duct systems, sizing of supply and return air ducts, and grills.

Kevin is certified in installing and designing new or modifying existing air distribution systems in residential buildings.

Residential Radiant Hydronics Design

This course involved converting heat load calculations into water flow rates and fluid temperatures, pipe sizes, flow velocities, heat losses, surface temperatures, floor coverings, tube spacing and controls.

Kevin is certified in installing and designing new or modifying existing hot water radiant heating systems in residential buildings.

Residential Mechanical Ventilation

This course covers the installation and commissioning practices for all types of mechanical ventilation systems with or without heat/energy recovery, house as a system principles and basic ventilation system design.

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